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Adrian Monk - A Case Study in OCD

Adrian Monk – A Case Study in OCD

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ADD Aspergers Anxiety Psychologist Counseling Testing Dallas

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Dr. R Says...

OCD takes many forms. Many people who have facinating stories to tell, are obsessed with detail and have difficulty being brief.

ADD Aspergers Anxiety Psychologist

0:03obsessive-compulsive disorder or cd


0:06listening to any dissent character and story or animals all their candidate


0:10behaviors through the centuries


0:13excessive possibly impulses


0:15intrusive and inappropriate


0:17because anxiety in distress


0:20these are not simply excessive waste about real-life problems


0:23depressing intends to ignore or suppress it imposes or to neutralize


0:28depressing also recognizes that thoughts our product of his own life


0:33compulsions either repetitive behaviors depression performance in response to


0:37the obsessive thoughts these behaviors aimed at preventing reducing stress


0:42unrealistic in clean the intestines


0:46in the united states that life can have one st louis he d


0:49is two point three percent in adults and one to two point eight percent in


0:53children and adolescents under eighteen


0:56there's a fairly substantial number of subclinical cases of the cd around five


1:00percent of the population


1:02person consecutive not disturbing or not destructive enough to meet four criteria


1:07pediatric cd is heavily male dominated some studies showing that they're is


1:12evening alc


1:13within the genders padell and some showing that membership for seventeen


1:17has become common


1:19vistas eighteen months


1:21is fifty one years old and has been tested convulsed disorder


1:25he shows no physical almonds other health problems


1:28high for adrian self reports that he has three hundred and paul phobias and


1:32continues to accumulate more


1:35he spoke his range from common themes such as heights adjourns to their fears


1:39such as milk rations


1:41these fears prohibit him from complete everyday tasks such as striking shopping


1:46social inspection


1:50obsessions are involuntary


1:53seemingly uncontrollable pots images for impulses


1:56care over and over again in your mind


1:59you don't want to have to take his but you can't stop them


2:02unfortunately these obsessive thoughts are often disturbing and distracting


2:07compulsions our behaviors have rituals that you feel kevin tactile again and




2:12usually compulsions are performed in attempts make-up sessions coldplay


2:17for example if you're afraid of contamination you might develop


2:20elaborate cleaning rituals


2:22however activities never last


2:25in fact the obsessive thoughts usually come back stronger and the compulsive


2:28behaviors often causing anxiety themselves as they become more demanding


2:33and time-consuming


2:34just because you have obsessive thoughts or perform compulsive behaviors does not


2:39mean that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder


2:42with those cds these thoughts and behaviors question and it's distress


2:47take up a lot of time and interfered with your daily life and relationships


3:00process for suffers from depression it works that way sometimes




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7:36noah i'll be fine


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7:46thanks a lot


7:59don't don't don't don't you


8:04that's my emergency stash osteopathic thousand wordy


8:15he said not to say that many things including being contaminated by chance


8:18that not having the things that he needs


8:20he's also an arranger he's obsessed with water and symmetry


8:24treatment for mr monk would include exposure with response prevention


8:28cognitive therapy antidepressant maybe perspective helping pre-set time apples


8:33with exposure response prevention can be therapist would help astronaut in fact


8:37his obsessive thoughts and not perform the compulsions that would only


8:40temporarily decrease this exciting


8:43for example the dentist might start with a moderate fear contamination


8:47such as shaking hands contest


8:49once mr nine degrees it worked out of fear hierarchy allowing mister not to


8:53read helping shits just the bottom shaking hands nixon


8:57after they shake hands he would then bring his anxiety about feeling




9:00and not be able to use antibacterial wipes wash his hands


9:04although mister knox anxiety level will


9:07increase and make you uncomfortable


9:09it will eventually plateau and that defeats


9:12this is the important part because mister douglas to clear the national


9:15decreasing anxiety


9:17it is not a result of the compulsion is an assault


9:22robert pearce is also important because smaller less intrusive fears


9:26anticipate that's not a geisha

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