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Jay De La Garza

Graduate Student in Psychology at University of Texas at Dallas

Student Intern, Neurocoach, and Test Administrator

Email: jay@livemoresimply.com

Mx. De La Garza sees adults with autism, ADD, anxiety, and other learning differences. They are a psychology student intern and therefore cannot diagnose or conduct therapy. However, they do have success with coaching and teaching skills to patients. Common coaching topics include, but are not limited to, developing skills for studying, organizing, socializing, and executive functioning. They also provide tools to help adults who struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, relaxation, and sleep.

Along with coaching, Mx. De La Garza also conducts the Neuropsychological testing for the office. They have had many years of experience administering Neuropsychological testing from a laboratory setting. They use their skills to adhere to the standardized format of testing while maintaining a focus on the patient's well-being and accommodating for fatigue and overstimulation.


Mx. De La Garza completed their undergraduate training at the University of North Texas and received a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Applied Behavioral Analysis. They are in the process of completing their M.S. in psychological sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. They have been working at Live More Simply Inc. since July of 2018.


They have a strong history within research settings and are still involved currently. See the experience tab for more information. Their current lab at UTD is the Development of Social Cognition lab. This lab examines the relationships between social cognition, social behavior, and social functioning and how this differs among populations with and without autism.


In the future, Mx. De La Garza hopes to obtain a Clinical Psychology PhD and licensure. They are considering specializing in adults with autism, ADD and other learning difficulties along with CBT, CPT, trauma, anxiety, gender identity, and sexual orientation.


Less professionally, Jesse teaches yoga and loves being in nature. They also have a short haired, black and white cat named Stella (star in Latin) and a young Crested Gecko named Bora (from arboreal).

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-   Dyslexia and other  Learning Disorders


-    Sensory and Language Disorders

-     Asperger’s & Autism-Spectrum Disorders

-    Anxiety, OCD,  & Panic disorder


-   Social Skills

-   Study Skills

-   Organizational Skills

-   Time Management / Procrastination

-   Perfectionism

-   Executive Functioning

-   Relaxation

-   Sleep Hygiene

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