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5454 La Sierra Drive, Suite 201 Dallas, TX 75231 - drr@livemoresimply.com  - In-Person, Cellphone and Video Sessions for COVID-19 Anxiety


Licensed Psychologist

Asperger's/Autism, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Anxiety Condtions






Small and Caring


Convenient and Private

Personalized Service, Laid-Back Apprach,

and Tried and True Techniques

"We" is just me - an independent, solo practitioner - with Dr. Biggs, and a few highly-trained, well-experienced, professional associates. I’ve worked in large organizations throughout my 35+yr. career. I have supervised large professional staffs and I have been responsible for large budgets (See the About Me page), so I’ve gotten the “need to be big” out of my system. More importantly, my ability to help you increases, the faster and better I get to know you. I believe meeting and greeting you as you arrive, escorting you out of my office after our session, managing your billing, etc. allows me to get to know you faster, better and more closely.  

Our office is located in a small, respectable complex of medical buildings near Walnut Hill and US 75 Central Expressway. It consists of four, modestly decorated, rooms and a small reception area. Our atmosphere is informal, laid back and relaxed. We value and respect your privacy and confidentiality. We offer evening hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We believe in personalized service in a laid-back atmosphere using tried and true techniques. Nothing fancy -- Just traditional, psychological testing, evaluation, therapy, counseling and coaching. No beating up sofa cushions, no getting locked into banquet rooms at the Holiday Inn for a weekend, no new, cutting-edge therapeutic techniques direct from California, no hypnosis, no dream analysis (We don’t even have a couch in my office) and we won't sell you vitamins or supplements. Just plain, old Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Counseling and Coaching, applied to plain, old problems concerning plain, old problems at home, at work or at college.

Collaborating with your medical doctor for psychological and neuropsychological disordersNeuropsychological Services for Asperger's, ADHD, learning disorderscounseling-aspergers-attention-deficit-disorderTesting for asperger's, anxiety, attention deficit disorderCounseling for ADHD, anxiety, and asperger's in adultsProviding coaching and counseliing services to adults with Asperger'sTraumatic brain injury evaluation and assessmentCoaching for adults with attention deficit disorderPsychologist specalizing in treating adults with attention deficit disorder

Diana Mungall

Research Director & Medical Advisor


Harper Robinson, MBA

Video & Film Production


Taylor Robinson, MBA

Webmaster &  Dir. Practice Development


Four licensed psychologists

Full-time or Part-time



Recruting now for psychologist, speech-language pathologist, neuropsychologist in Dallas

Your Medical Doctor

We work closely with your family doctor, internist, neurologist, or psychiatrist


Alexa Taylor, LPC-S

Study Skills Coach


Alan Brown, Ph.D.

Cognitive Psychologist


Diane Miller

Art Instructor & Coach





Full-Time or Part-Time / Any Specialty

Must Have:

3+ years experience treating adults with Asperger's/HF Autism, Dyslexia, OCD

or Group Therapist.

5+ years post licensing experience

No phone calls - Emails only

Licensed Psycologist

Recruting now for psychologist, speech-language pathologist, neuropsychologist in Dallas
Recruting now for psychologist, speech-language pathologist, neuropsychologist in Dallas

LPA  or Student in Psychology PhD or Masters Degree Program


Administer WAIS-IV and other Neuropsychological and Educational Tests,  Coach Patients and Conduct Groups

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Licensed Psychologists Wanted


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Recruting now for psychologist, speech-language pathologist, neuropsychologist in Dallas

Licensed Psychologists Wanted


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Coach Wanted

Life Skills, Social Skills,

Study Skills

Must have experience

coaching adults with Asperger's/Autism/ASD

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