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5454 La Sierra Drive, Suite 201 Dallas, TX 75231 - drr@livemoresimply.com  - In-Person, Cellphone and Video Sessions for COVID-19 Anxiety

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We are located on the east side of Central Expressway (US75), north of Walnut Hill Lane and south of Meadow Road.


Live More Simply, Inc.

5454 La Sierra Drive,

Suite 201  

Dallas, TX 75231

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We prefer e-mail: drr@livemoresimply.com  

Telephone: (888) 923-2256, ext 1

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I do not have a receptionist and I see patients back-to-back, without break, until late in the evening. This means I get home too late to return phone calls. However, it's not too late to respond by email. So...


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You can also leave me voice message at (888) 923-2256 ext 1, but be sure to leave me your email address so I can return your message by email.

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