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Free, Meet and Greet

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5454 La Sierra Drive, Suite 201 Dallas, TX 75231 - drr@livemoresimply.com  - In-Person, Cellphone and Video Sessions for COVID-19 Anxiety


Free, 30 min, Meet and Greet


When you feel comfortable with the steps involved in testing for Asperger's, I suggest we start with a free, 30 min, Meet and Greet. Meet and Greets usually last 30-60mins.


I usually stay booked solid, but will still be able to reserve a time-slot for your Meet and Greet. When you are ready to schedule a Meet and Greet, please go to my website, www.livemoresimply.com, click on "Patient Log-In", register as new patient (set up your online patient account). Be sure to include all the information requested.  Then, just email me three alternative days and times you can be available and I will do my best to rearrange patients and make a time slot available. I see patients from 11am to 8pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


There will be no charge for the Meet and Greet. I sometimes ask that patients pay a $50 refundable deposit in advance to reserve the time slot, but your deposit will be returned after our Meet and Greet, unless you cancel or reschedule. Do not bother paying a deposit unless we indicate you need to pay in one of our follow-up emails to you.


You can come to your Meet and Greet alone or with others. I do not charge a fee. We will just talk generally about what concerns you the most and how we might proceed to address these concerns with testing coaching, counseling and/or therapy. I do not schedule counseling, coaching, therapy or testing without first discussing the process in a Meet and Greet.


More importantly, you can ask any questions you might have about my approach, my background, credentials and experience, insurance coverage, fees, etc. It gives you an opportunity to meet me before starting your testing or counseling, and it gives me an opportunity to make sure I am best qualified to address your needs.

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