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What is Neuropsychological Testing?

Neuropsychological testing consists of systematically and objectively measuring your brain functioning as it is related to your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Testing will measure the cognitive domains of attention, memory, language, information processing, and problem solving. Testing also includes assessing your emotional functioning because emotional and behavioral functions are often a key component of cognitive processes. Our neuropsychological testing services can provide detailed information about your cognitive strengths and weaknesses so that effective treatment recommendations can be developed to improve functioning in your daily life.  

Neuropsychological testing is an important component for the assessment of:

Concussion & post concussion syndrome

Sleep disorders (Sleep apnea, insomnia)

Traumatic brain injury

Chronic pain & fibromyalgia

Multiple sclerosis

Movement disorders

Exposure to neurotoxic substances

Dementia and age-related memory difficulties

Thyroid or endocrine dysfunction

Alcohol and/or other drug use/abuse

Pre- and post-surgical conditions



Mild cognitive impairment

Pulmonary disorders

Anoxic brain injury

Systemic issues

Stroke & other vascular conditions

Brain tumors

Progressive neurological conditions

Metabolic brain injury

Seizure disorders

Neurological disorders

Neurodevelopmental disorders:

Asperger's Syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder


Reading, writing, math and other learning disabilities

Communications disorders

Language  & auditory processing disorders

Visual & spatical processing disorders

Non-verbal learning disorder

Sensory integration disorders


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